Air Northwest is an HVAC trade organization brought to you by Bonneville Power Administration and implemented by Lockheed Martin. I designed the original website in 2015, but by summer of 2016 there was so much new content that a total redesign was a necessity.

The Air Northwest members (or ‘Air Allies’) would often be accessing the information on this site from the field, so a good mobile experience was a top priority.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Kurtis Holsapple
Project management: Julie Bosack of Jute Creative

Elevation Fitness

Elevation Fitness is a web and mobile app for fitness trainers. I designed the website which includes a robust search and filter system to allow visitors to explore the more than 16,000 exercises built in to the system.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Spicer Matthews

betsy & iya Redesign

betsy & iya jewelry in Portland Oregon is a business bursting with fresh ideas and exploding in popularity. I was initially asked to “redesign the website header” which quickly escalated to a redesign of the entire site. Responsiveness was key, so the final designs collapse gracefully down to provide an excellent shopping experience on desktop, tablet and phone.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Needmore Designs


Little Boxes

Little Boxes is an innovative way to encourage folks to explore local businesses. Shoppers collect points by visiting participating stores. The more points, the more chances to win one of many great prizes.

There is a printed ‘passport’ with maps and coupons as well as a mobile app for smart phone users.

Although it began in Portland, the idea is spreading to other cities. In 2016 Seattle joined the fun, and a new website with localized content was in order.

Logo and style: Alyson Brown
Website design: Matt Dabrowiak

Beacon Hill Winery

Original website for Beacon Hill Winery in Gaston, Oregon.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak

After I finished the first version of the Beacon Hill Winery site, the owners realized that they wanted to add a lot more content, and we ended up doing a complete redesign.

Beacon Hill Winery redesign.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak

Currently in development.