Air Northwest is an HVAC trade organization brought to you by Bonneville Power Administration and implemented by Lockheed Martin. I designed the original website in 2015, but by summer of 2016 there was so much new content that a total redesign was a necessity.

The Air Northwest members (or ‘Air Allies’) would often be accessing the information on this site from the field, so a good mobile experience was a top priority.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Kurtis Holsapple
Project management: Julie Bosack of Jute Creative

Telephone Game

Feature article in the New York Times.

The Telephone Game is a worldwide art project created by the Satellite Collective. A short phrase was sent to three artists working in different mediums. Each of their interpretations of this phrase was then sent out to two to four artists who then attempted to carry on the message in their chosen medium. On it went: the artist working with derivatives of derivatives and the message becoming more and more distorted.

In the end there were over 300 works. Selections were shown in galleries in NYC and around the country, but most people experienced it online.

The finished website shows the relationship between all the works as well as provide a way to navigate through the works one at a time. It was a challenge to create something that accomplished these objectives, showcased the works themselves, and looked distinct and attractive in its own right.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Daniel Talsky

Telephone Game

Little Boxes Passport

The Little Boxes game can be played on a smartphone, or with the printed passport booklet. Working within the existing style of the Little Boxes design I created a fun book that explains the game, has a place to record your entries, a colorful map of the city, and plenty of coupons.

Logo and style: Alyson Brown
Design and illustrations: Matt Dabrowiak

Elevation Fitness iPhone

The iPhone version of the Elevation fitness app was launched in 2015.

The screenshots below are from the new ‘programs’ feature, which is a set of workouts, in a specific order, assigned to a client.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Avery Bloom

Elevation Fitness

Elevation Fitness is a web and mobile app for fitness trainers. I designed the website which includes a robust search and filter system to allow visitors to explore the more than 16,000 exercises built in to the system.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Spicer Matthews

Elevation Fitness iPad

The iPad version of the Elevation Fitness app has more functionality than the iPhone. This allows the user to create workouts and programs, as well as manage clients, track workouts, and view progress.

Design: Matt Dabrowiak
Development: Avery Bloom